Should an agent manage my let for me?

Should an agent manage my let for me?

Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2022

Why should you using an agent to manage your property? 

Many landlords are successful individuals who place a high value on their time so the support of an agent in engaging contractors, obtaining and comparing quotes, and liaising with tenants is an efficient way to manage a property. 

The most common thing I hear when I ask landlords why they are considering using a tenant-find only service is “I live just round the corner so I can deal with any maintenance” or “I’ve lived in this house for 10 years so I know how to fix anything”. I wouldn't want to dispute either of things but for those who own multiple properties, are time-poor or just inexperienced , don't underestimate the benefits of a fully managed service.

1. Not dealing with a tenant directly - As an experienced agent I know what’s reasonable and what’s not. A good agent will deal with a lot of simple queries/cheeky requests without you ever hearing about it. There is also no chance of you being woken up in the middle of the night or whilst away on a family holiday!

2. Inspections - Your letting agent will arrange periodic visits to check the condition of the property and look for signs of unauthorised guests or pets etc. It is much easier for us as professionals to deal with awkward issues like untidy gardens.

3. Safety certificates - We have robust systems to ensure renewals are not missed to protect you from the high penalties and safety risks that come with non-compliance. Not to mention the fact we have bulk discounts with the tried and tested contractors we use - the volume we book means we will always be able to get availability and have leverage that an individual landlord will not get - no more endless ringing around only to be let down.

4. Should any notices need to be served, for example if you wish to sell or move into the property yourself, an agent will make sure this is done to the letter of the law - even a small error can invalidate a notice meaning the whole process has to be started again, which can cost you valuable time.

5. A managing agent will assess deductions from the tenant’s deposit, with knowledge of what is deemed acceptable within tenancy deposit scheme guidelines, and negotiate the best settlement for you which can be a very time consuming process.

Ultimately, having a managing agent makes the relationship a business one - any tricky issues will be dealt with by an expert who knows what can and can’t be done so you don’t land yourself in hot water in an increasingly complex and highly legislated industry. For more information on letting your property on a fully managed basis with Hat and Home, please contact me 07547 672849 or