The Power of the Board

The Power of the Board

Posted on Sunday, June 6, 2021

I am often asked whether a ‘For Sale’ or ‘To Let’ sign is still necessary in a predominantly digital world.  “Surely everyone looks on the property search sites?”, “I live in a quiet street so what’s the point?” and “I don’t want the neighbours to know I am selling” are the three most common objections from clients when they first come to market.  It’s understandable, because on the face of it they are all perfectly valid comments but dig a little deeper and there are more reasons to have a board than to not have one.

Firstly, and to dispel a myth, an advertising sign is to advertise the property and not the agency selling or letting it.  As much as we like to see our signature bowler hats all over town, the focus is to showcase available properties to give our clients the best chance of maximising enquiries.

So, let’s explore those three objections:

“Surely everyone looks on the property search sites?”

It’s true that most people will look on search sites, but a lot of people will spot an advertising board before the property even hits the internet.  A ‘For Sale’ sign is also indiscriminate on price, so you may receive an enquiry from someone who is searching in an entirely different price range online.  I once sold a house to someone at £200,000 above their budget because they had always admired the property on their daily dog walks and spotted the board the day it was put up.  They stretched their budget considerably and bought it.

“I live in a quiet street so what’s the point?”

The very fact you live on a quiet street is a huge selling point and I suspect your neighbours feel the same.  By erecting an advertising board you will bring the house to the attention of other owners in the street who will almost certainly have a friend or a ‘friend of a friend’ who will be interested.  Remember, your neighbours probably won’t be looking online all of the time.  The other factor to consider is people who are currently renting in the street.  They already know what a lovely place to live it is and will probably be interested in a property which is listed for sale.

“I don’t want the neighbours to know I am selling”.

I hate to break it to you, but your neighbours will find out you are selling or letting, whether you have an advertising board or not.  Viewings taking place, listings online and social media posts all mean its very difficult to hide.  My advice is to tell your neighbours upfront (they may even know someone who would want to view your home).

Love them or loathe them, advertising boards are a fantastic marketing tool and they generate serious enquiries on a daily basis.

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