The work-from-home revolution!

The work-from-home revolution!

Posted on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

There are many things that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed and one of those is the working-from-home revolution.  Whilst initially it came about from necessity, many companies have now seen the benefit of offering their people greater flexibility of working arrangements and employees have seen the advantages to less travel, more time with children and family, cheaper accommodation options geographically and better work-life balance.  One thing’s for sure, it’s here to stay.

A significant number of people are expected to work from home for the foreseeable future which is the most seismic change to buyers’ and tenants’ requirements over the past 18 months.  Having a place to work at home is now considered the ‘non-compromise’ for many people.  Homes with studies or dedicated workspaces are in high demand and can command a premium so make sure you are showcasing your home at its best.

Dedicated working area.

Buyers and tenants want to see a specific working area so they know they can ‘close the door’ on work at the end of the day.  Even if it’s not possible to dedicate an entire room as a study, creating a carefully planned part, sectioned off, with room for desk, chair and some storage will be well worth it.  The last thing people want to do it have to pack up and move all their work papers and computer every night so the dining room table can be reclaimed for its intended use.


The need for ultrafast broadband is growing to ensure smooth video calls and a super-reliable internet connection.  One of the questions we are asked regularly now is “What’s the broadband speed?”, knocking “Is the loft boarded?” off the top spot.  Houses which are hard wired with internet ports in each room are particularly attractive as most people have experienced their Wi-Fi creaking under the pressure of two laptops, a zoom call, and an Xbox after school!

Something more permanent.

There has been a huge increase in demand for permanent home offices.  Formally known as summer houses (or simply sheds), these wooden cabins located in the garden are the perfect place to have an office.  Most normal size outbuildings do not require planning permission (up to 15 sq mtrs) but please check with your planning authority as your particular building or area may require formal permission. 

As trends change with buyers’ and tenants’ requirements its important to also change how property is marketed.  A greater weight must now be placed on working from home facilities, particularly with family houses, and a good estate agent will recognise the need to make this change and act accordingly.   

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